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  • Move: A, D, Left, Right
  • Jump: Space
  • Duck: S, Down

You play as Robby, a lil Roboter, in this Infinity Jump'n'Run Platformer Game. Avoid Obstacles and see how far you can get!


  • Unity3D


  • Eikester


  • Eikester


Changelog Version 0.4.9:

  • Reworked Player Controller
  • Now allows for controlled Jump's
  • Jump time and power depends on how long you press 'jump'
  • Bugfix: Robby automatically changes State to Duck when collection a Pickup
  • Bugfix: Robby constantly switching between Duck and Standing State when hitting a Wall whilst Standing
  • Bugfix: Sometimes playing falling Sound after being crushed
  • Lots of changes under the Hood, most of them related to Physics/Colliders
  • Now allows for Sloped Tiles (which will be used soon)

Changelog Version 0.4:

  • Added 6 Songs of EP gig's n' contest by (Rolemusic) / CC BY 3.0
  • Added Online Leaderboard powered by Scoreoid
  • Added Particle Effect for the Jetpack
  • Added Particle Effect for Wheel when in motion and grounded
  • Added lots of new Graphics
  • Levelsegments are more detailed
  • Levelsegments now uses 6 Tile Layers
  • Tiles are now 32x32 instead of 64x64 and in a single Tilesheets
  • Added Tilesheets for Background (Walls), Objects and Foreground
  • Removed a couple of unused Scripts, Materials and other Resources
  • Added new Shader, modified default Unlit/Transparent Shader
  • enabled "Duck"
  • Camera Speed is now slightly slower but increases over Time
  • Hud now displays the Level playing time
  • Added Score per Distance (1 Point every 2 Units)
  • New Sky/Background
  • Removed Clouds, added Stars